Think Like the Customer! Be the Best.

Think like a customer! Think like a customer. I do this all the time, everywhere I go and everything I do, I always have my business head on thinking about how things could be better.

I’ll go in to a shop and immediately pick out how I would make it look better and assess how the staff work. Continue reading

Double Glazing Salesman Punches Customer in the Face!

Girl in Glazing BlogI came across this story in the Mail and as shocking as it is that someone would actually do this and I’m sure it’s not the first time it has happened. To feel like your time has been wasted because the customer had requested other quotes is crazy! No one should just go with the first company to come along

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Seen It All Before But Some Days Are Still Shocking!

facepalmAfter seeing numerous jobs installed by utter cowboy builders, you’d think I’d stop being shocked at the mess some jobs are left in, but no!

We saw a job recently which was a complete mess. A builder had said they would fit a conservatory along with other work he was doing in a lady’s house! For us this is a big ‘no no’ as we believe you are an expert at one thing. Continue reading

My Apprenticeship – Today I Met Dean

Apprenticeship Today I met Dean from the Fenestration College to finish off the last bit of paperwork and to make sure I was up to date with what I am doing. Dean was extremely helpful and cleared up any questions I had! Here is what I have in store for the next few months..

The apprenticeship is split into three different sections, some online work answering question, my NVQ and practical work and my functional skills. I will explain a bit more about them .. Continue reading

‘We’re Going’ to the Fit Show

Fit show With just 11 days left until the Fit Show, you can feel people’s excitement about attending the show. Trades people (notice my political correctness) and manufacturers preparing and making final plans, organizing tuxedos for the Gala Dinner and putting finishing touches on their stands, this really has turned out to be a very successful event so far. The support has been huge from the start Continue reading