Seen It All Before But Some Days Are Still Shocking!

facepalmAfter seeing numerous jobs installed by utter cowboy builders, you’d think I’d stop being shocked at the mess some jobs are left in, but no!

We saw a job recently which was a complete mess. A builder had said they would fit a conservatory along with other work he was doing in a lady’s house! For us this is a big ‘no no’ as we believe you are an expert at one thing. Continue reading


Have People’s Attitude Towards the Industry Changed?

Girl in Glazing It’s been a long while, if ever, that tradesmen have been trusted in the industry, even though there are only a small amount of ‘cowboys’ compared to respectable businesses, you can’t blame a customer for being cautious. I would only be happy having work done by someone who was recommended to me by a friend or a person I knew. Some people go as far as visiting an installers previous job to talk to their customer and check their work. They are usually investing a lot of money in their project so they do need to know who they are dealing with. Continue reading