My Apprenticeship – Technical Questions

Royalty-Free Stock Imagery by RubberballI have just finished my technical questions for my fenestration apprenticeship, it took a little while as I did it in sections ( there is 5 ) the sections were:

  • Know how to install glass supporting frames
  • Understanding health and safety in the glass or glass related industry
  • Know how to contribute to the effectiveness of the glass related organisation
  • Know how to accept delivery of, handle, position and store glass related products and materials
  • Know how to carry out quality checks of glass related products and materials

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My Apprenticeship – First Assessment Fitting a Door

Replacement Door - Timber for PVC-UI had my first assessment fitting a door this week and I loved it! No I’m not weird and I’m sure if I had been fitting doors for ten years I wouldn’t have been so excited, but I was excited! I am a hands on person and always have been, I was always doing boy stuff when I was younger but since having children I have become a bit girly! So getting out and fitting a door was great for me. Continue reading

Our One Day Surveyors Course

studyingA couple of weeks ago Leigh, our apprentice and myself sat a Surveyor course (one day course) delivered to us by Andy Clegg from the Fenestration College. We thought that all of us doing it would be a good idea, there is no harm in learning all you can, Leigh and I feel it’s good for our business to have a well-rounded team that knows a bit of everything but all also have our own area’s of expertise which can only be good! Plus it makes things a little easier on Leigh as he is having to train everyone but also work at a reasonable speed :s Continue reading

My Apprenticeship – Today I Met Dean

Apprenticeship Today I met Dean from the Fenestration College to finish off the last bit of paperwork and to make sure I was up to date with what I am doing. Dean was extremely helpful and cleared up any questions I had! Here is what I have in store for the next few months..

The apprenticeship is split into three different sections, some online work answering question, my NVQ and practical work and my functional skills. I will explain a bit more about them .. Continue reading

My Apprenticeship with The Fenestration College!

zzzzzzzzzA while back Leigh signed up to do an NVQ with The Fenestration College so we had Andy Clegg come visit us to sign him up. We ended up chatting, drinking tea and eating cake for three hours! All being very enthusiastic about the industry we had lots to talk about and ended up talking about me doing an apprenticeship!!  Me a girl… it hadn’t ever Continue reading