What’s with all the Awards!?


Now I have nothing against awards at all, it can be good for moral and a bit of friendly competition can’t do any harm! But can it get too much? And is it accurate and fair? This is quite a complicated question with so many scenarios so I will try make it as simple as I can, there is no right answer here but just me saying what I think.

I am referring to the glazing industry mainly here as that is where I see it the most! Although seeing other awards has got me thinking too! I will start with the non glazing example! Continue reading


Show Your Customers Respect and You Will Get it in Return!

respect-give-it-to-get-itWe have a very open and honest approach to our business and in return we have very nice and understanding customers.
No one likes to be treated like a number, especially if you are spending a lot of money with some long-term important decisions to make about their homes.
So taking time to make sure the customer understands everything Continue reading

My Answer – The Recent Changes In Planning Permission

Planning PermissionAnglian Home Improvements recently asked me if this new change would be good or bad, to be honest I can’t really answer that question! I feel it needs to be broken down into a few questions as surely it will depend on what point of view you are looking at it from! You need to know the source before collecting the information as if you are just asking tradespeople the result will be different from home owners!!!  So… Continue reading

Have People’s Attitude Towards the Industry Changed?

Girl in Glazing It’s been a long while, if ever, that tradesmen have been trusted in the industry, even though there are only a small amount of ‘cowboys’ compared to respectable businesses, you can’t blame a customer for being cautious. I would only be happy having work done by someone who was recommended to me by a friend or a person I knew. Some people go as far as visiting an installers previous job to talk to their customer and check their work. They are usually investing a lot of money in their project so they do need to know who they are dealing with. Continue reading

Number One Priority

imagesCustomer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we are very pleased with our feedback recently.

Good communication is a must, customer’s obviously don’t like to be left waiting just as we don’t. This is something that annoys me immensely so it really is something we keep on top of. Continue reading

Twitter and the Industry – The Power of Social Media


This blog post was published in Windows Active Magazine in 2011. It turned out to be a very popular post many people could relate too! Hope it got some people onto Twitter.


I have to say that I am so pleased to have joined Twitter! I set up an account about a year ago, took one look and didn’t bother! It seemed a little complicated compared to Facebook and no one I knew was using it…. Continue reading