Choosing a Good Supplier for your Business

business-dealIn any business it is as important to find a good supplier as it is to provide a good service for your customers, after all if your supplier lets you down then most of the time it means you letting your customer down! There is nothing worse than trying your best to be the best; just to have to inform your customer that you have to go back to finish a job another day because of no fault of your own!

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Think Like the Customer! Be the Best.

Think like a customer! Think like a customer. I do this all the time, everywhere I go and everything I do, I always have my business head on thinking about how things could be better.

I’ll go in to a shop and immediately pick out how I would make it look better and assess how the staff work. Continue reading

Where are All the Women in the Industry??

Royalty-Free Stock Imagery by RubberballSince having my own business in Fenestration with my partner I have struggled to find many women in the industry! If I do find any, they have normally taken a firm back seat! I often wonder why! Maybe they are just doing some admin to help out their partner or are employed by someone else but have no real interest in the job, maybe they feel intimidated by the industry and worry they won’t fit in, maybe they are in higher positions of larger companies so I don’t see, or maybe they are just not interested in this kind of job!

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Do You Really Need That Skip?!

overloaded3.jpg_03112011-1247-55Well actually yes! But do you need them as often?

Just like residential recycling, the industry can do this too, Especially after the price hike for hiring a skip! So what do you need to throw away and what can you recycle or even sell to make some money back?

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Seen It All Before But Some Days Are Still Shocking!

facepalmAfter seeing numerous jobs installed by utter cowboy builders, you’d think I’d stop being shocked at the mess some jobs are left in, but no!

We saw a job recently which was a complete mess. A builder had said they would fit a conservatory along with other work he was doing in a lady’s house! For us this is a big ‘no no’ as we believe you are an expert at one thing. Continue reading

Offers and Triple Glazing!

freeOne of our recent orders got me thinking about offers! Now we as a business don’t do offers and I will explain why later but a customer asked if we could throw in triple glazing on this order and we said no! here’s why…

The order was for a house full of windows and doors, they were to be installed on a lovely house and it is a job anyone would want, so Continue reading