Double Glazing Salesman Punches Customer in the Face!

Girl in Glazing BlogI came across this story in the Mail and as shocking as it is that someone would actually do this and I’m sure it’s not the first time it has happened. To feel like your time has been wasted because the customer had requested other quotes is crazy! No one should just go with the first company to come along

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Seen It All Before But Some Days Are Still Shocking!

facepalmAfter seeing numerous jobs installed by utter cowboy builders, you’d think I’d stop being shocked at the mess some jobs are left in, but no!

We saw a job recently which was a complete mess. A builder had said they would fit a conservatory along with other work he was doing in a lady’s house! For us this is a big ‘no no’ as we believe you are an expert at one thing. Continue reading

Offers and Triple Glazing!

freeOne of our recent orders got me thinking about offers! Now we as a business don’t do offers and I will explain why later but a customer asked if we could throw in triple glazing on this order and we said no! here’s why…

The order was for a house full of windows and doors, they were to be installed on a lovely house and it is a job anyone would want, so Continue reading

Family Thank a Double Glazing Company for Saving their Lives

News-stock-photoA family in Camborne have thanked double glazing business Dawes & Windows for saving their lives earlier this month when a part of their house collapsed into an unused mine!

I thought this was an interesting story, this glazing companies good customer service may have just well saved their lives! They had been back three times with out fuss to adjust a door that seemed it was subsiding when it was actually the house!! Continue reading

What’s with all the Awards!?


Now I have nothing against awards at all, it can be good for moral and a bit of friendly competition can’t do any harm! But can it get too much? And is it accurate and fair? This is quite a complicated question with so many scenarios so I will try make it as simple as I can, there is no right answer here but just me saying what I think.

I am referring to the glazing industry mainly here as that is where I see it the most! Although seeing other awards has got me thinking too! I will start with the non glazing example! Continue reading

Show Your Customers Respect and You Will Get it in Return!

respect-give-it-to-get-itWe have a very open and honest approach to our business and in return we have very nice and understanding customers.
No one likes to be treated like a number, especially if you are spending a lot of money with some long-term important decisions to make about their homes.
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