All change! Why the glazing industry should be encouraging women to get on board

Guest Post Written by CPATrade 

women-in-constructionThe Consumer Protection Association is passionate about increasing the number of women working in the industry. Here’s why:

It’s no secret the glazing industry is male dominated. Most people could list prominent male industry figures but can the same be said for females?

Women are already involved in various roles across the industry – from admin and production to sales, marketing and director positions. Some women are well known in the industry, but the ratio of women to men is still stubbornly small.

No more than 11% of the work force

Official statistics for women in the fenestration industry are sparse and numbers vary according to which source you look at. The Smith Institute has counted more than 200,000 women in the construction industry, which is an encouraging figure, but it pales in comparison when you consider there are over two million people employed in the construction industry.

Women account for just 11% of the work force and only 1% of manual trades, and other sources estimate that women make up no more than 6% of trade workers.

Despite the fact the glazing industry is a major employer and is short of skilled workers, few women are considering trade roles. 80% of school-age girls said they would be interested in learning a non-traditional job, but only 12% were interested in construction. So what is putting young women off pursuing a career in glazing?

Male-dominated industry

One of the reasons why women might not opt to work in the glazing industry is because of its perception as a ‘male profession’. It’s easy to feel intimidated in a male dominated industry and many women would find this enough to dismiss it entirely.

Even discounting old-fashioned attitudes, the industry is skewed towards a male angle. To attract more women to trade jobs, we need to broaden the appeal of the industry to both men and women.

Some women are genuinely not interested in the construction industry and wish to pursue other careers in different fields, and this is absolutely fine. But we should be encouraging women of all ages to get involved in the industry if they show an interest and passion for the sector.

Building a future for women in the glazing industry

Over the past 20 years, women have entered the industry and worked their way up to executive level positions, putting their companies on the map and helping shape the industry. The CPA has been operating in the industry during this time and we’ve seen a definite shift in the industry across the board.

As the figure of women in the construction, and glazing, industries continues to rise, it sends a positive message about us as a whole and encourages women to step into a number of roles within the glazing industry, bringing with them fresh ideas and innovations.

Encouraging women to take up jobs in the glazing and construction sectors is a measure the CPA believes in strongly. Recently Jeremy Brett, director of the CPA, commented positively on the rise of women in the building trade in the national press, with articles in the Daily Mail and the Independent.

We’re expecting numbers of women working in the industry to increase, but for that to happen it’s up to us to encourage more women to get involved in a thriving and profitable industry.

The Consumer Protection Association (CPA) is helps installers sell better to the public, while promoting best practice in the industry. Visit our website to find out more: or join in the debate on Twitter: @CPATrade


See my original post from last year Where are all the Women in our Industry inspired by my visit to the FitShow.

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