MACO the first 24 years!

Guest Post written by Petita Wiles

20140704-184046-67246663.jpgIn September this year I will have worked at MACO UK for 24 years eeek! (Obviously I started very young; they practically had to drag me out of primary school to fulfil this role).

Over the years I have seen so many changes, starting with a move from the original small unit at Dartford to larger offices with warehousing in Medway, to our current purpose built high tech facility in Sittingbourne, Kent. Now occupying a total of 4445m2 with plenty of room for expansion as and when the time arises.

I’ve seen colleagues come and go and from being one of the youngest members of the team I now find myself as one of the older ‘matriarchs’, not that I like that description one bit. However with 24 years under my belt and having been through positions of Internal sales, Technical Assistant to my current role in Marketing I feel more than qualified to offer advice and support to the newer members at MACO UK.

Recent years have seen a massive restructuring throughout the whole group, specifically for MACO UK a new Managing Director with the addition of several new staff members, all experts in their own field. I can say with all confidence that MACO now have a clear Mission and Vision in place which is embedded in everything we do. Every colleague has a clear understanding of the company’s values; there are examples of our Mission and Vision statements along with our Guiding Principles all around the HQ at Sittingbourne.

So what does all this mean?

Our Vision is a picture of our future and our Guiding Principles indicate the direction we wish to go, providing support for our everyday working environment. By following these guiding principles we give ourselves and MACO credibility and it also makes us well equipped for future challenges.

Together with our customers we develop the best solutions. Our success is dependent on us, the MACO employees, our customer orientated approach with customer satisfaction drive our actions. We use our best value approach to maintain our high performing and competitive company.

In short everything we do centres around our customers, we are passionate about what we do and how we go about it. We strive to create long term working relationships which bring maximum benefits to all parties. We work together to create a successful future and I for one am very proud to still be a part of it!

Here’s to the next 24 years!

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