Choosing a Good Supplier for your Business

business-dealIn any business it is as important to find a good supplier as it is to provide a good service for your customers, after all if your supplier lets you down then most of the time it means you letting your customer down! There is nothing worse than trying your best to be the best; just to have to inform your customer that you have to go back to finish a job another day because of no fault of your own!

So what makes a good supplier?

  • Well first of all they have to provide high quality products, that is what most people want when they are choosing a supplier if they are running a quality business.
  • Do they offer everything you need for you to be able to run your business smoothly? Can you order everything with them easily?
  • Quick quotes are very important. When you want to get a quote to your customer in a reasonable time; you don’t want to be delayed because your suppliers are taking their time or have to chase them up. Do they get it right! When you do get the quote is it correct?
  • How long is the lead time? Understandably when manufacturing high quality products you will have to wait a few weeks at times. Do they deliver on the date agreed?
  • Do they deliver on time and is it all there? Do they send enough people to unload if there is no one available to help at your premises? Do they abide to health and safety rules?
  • If there is a problem is the supplier quick to rectify it for you? Do they provide great customer service!

If you answered yes to all of these then you have a fantastic supplier and should stick with them. If no then maybe it’s time to look for someone else. Businesses have a knock on effect so you need a good strong chain to be successful.

Did I miss anything? What do you think makes a good supplier?


2 thoughts on “Choosing a Good Supplier for your Business

  1. We can’t agree with you strongly enough! TruFrame was born (over 20 years ago!) out of a necessity for our retail installations company to get good quality product supplied on time and complete. Our manufacturing side has grown a bit since then but we still directly cater to the needs of the installer because that’s where we started out!

  2. That’s good, it’s so important otherwise a knock on effect is created and it becomes a problem for everyone. We are still having problems at the moment! and we have changed suppliers since last time :s

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