Think Like the Customer! Be the Best.

Think like a customer! Think like a customer. I do this all the time, everywhere I go and everything I do, I always have my business head on thinking about how things could be better.

I’ll go in to a shop and immediately pick out how I would make it look better and assess how the staff work. I note things that please me or things that annoy me. This of course would be slightly different for everyone! For instance it annoys me when I am immediately approached by someone asking if I need help before I’ve had a chance to look at anything. But I think there are a few main points everyone hates such as one member of staff serving when there are two others chatting! This makes me mad with every minute I am stood waiting, I stood for ten mins the other day in this situation, I couldn’t believe they were so rude; the one member of stuff that was serving was dealing with a return so no one was there to help even though staff were available. These people won’t see me again, and that’s a shame for them because I like shopping 😉 I can’t be the only one to think this.

I was in a bakery last week, I won’t say which, but they used to be very good, the quality of food was good and it always looked nice, but recently they are really letting themselves down, the place is dirty and messy, their blinds just thrown open, a mat chucked in the corner, no effort at all to make the shop look nice and the quality of food has gone downhill. Now I couldn’t understand it, there is another bakery over the road, they have competition, but they seem to have just given up. It doesn’t take much, they have staff there anyway working, so they could be cleaning the place up and being a bit creative, trying to get people in! And what about their customers who want to keep using them! They will just be put off and change bakery anyway eventually. I just stood there and thought, here are these people lucky enough to have a shop and they are just wasting their opportunity, one they may never have again.

I run my own double glazing business with my partner and I make cakes from home as a little side business and hobby, we are both perfectionists and want to please, customer satisfaction is our top priority because that is what makes a good business above everything else, you need to have a good business head with an even balance, some are to money orientated and forget what makes a business last, some try to offer too much and end up losing out. The main tool you can use (and this isn’t just in business) is honesty, honesty honesty honesty, be helpful, and be honest. Just as trying to trick people in life backfires, so does it in business. People should have a general understanding that you get what you pay for, this means you shouldn’t have to quote ridiculously low prices or use scams to get a sale.

We have been told so many times by customers that they have had another person out to quote for their replacement roof and been told it can’t be done when it can just so they can con them into getting a whole new conservatory! This doesn’t bother us cause we go in after and tell them those other people are talking rubbish and it can be replaced, it just takes a little more time and effort sometimes, our honesty get us the job every time. It’s unfair to treat customers like that, it’s a lot of money most of the time for someone to spend, and they should know all the facts before they make a decision, that’s why getting three quotes is always a good idea. We also find that quite a few traders don’t know their products; Leigh will come back in disbelief at what the customers have been told. When they get a cheaper quote they don’t always realise it’s because their products a lower quality, to be fair some don’t mind but all the same they should know.

The main rules I guess are to treat people as you would want to be treated, and to be grateful for what you have, appreciate your business and its reputation and aim to stand out from the rest for the right reasons.

6 thoughts on “Think Like the Customer! Be the Best.

  1. Yay 🙂

    I know there will be some people that read it and think it’s not good business sense to be that nice! but I honestly think that if more businesses were a little more thoughtful they would last longer, rather than a quick couple of years getting as much money as they can then running with it.

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