Do You Really Need That Skip?!

overloaded3.jpg_03112011-1247-55Well actually yes! But do you need them as often?

Just like residential recycling, the industry can do this too, Especially after the price hike for hiring a skip! So what do you need to throw away and what can you recycle or even sell to make some money back?

Typically for us our waste consists of polycarbonate, glass, aluminium, plastic, wood, guttering then all the small swept up screws, empty sealant tubes ect

I loaded a skip the other day without even thinking about it and it was pointed out to me how I had packed it all in tidily with no waste of space and recycled everything I possibly could, It just comes naturally to me! but you see some people just chucking their stuff in the skip which ultimately is just costing them more money or you see people piling it up high which to be honest is just going to waste everyone’s time as they wont take it away.

So how can you get rid of some of your waste and make money?

Well the first and most popular way is to go and weigh in your Aluminium, I’d imagine that everyone does this as it is worth quite a bit if you are taking a lot away from your jobs.

The second way which I hear of  less is selling your old polycarbonate!! you can sell it on eBay and it goes every single time! People will buy your old conservatory roof sheets to use for their green houses or cold frames and this is great because those sheets take up a lot of space in the skip, so not only does it get you some money back but saves you money when getting a skip too.

Burn your wood! Or get someone else to if you can, this is what we have just started doing, even if you pay someone to take it away it will still work out less than a bigger skip!

The only thing that really goes in our skip is the glass, guttering, fascia’s and all the smaller bits and pieces which fit nicely in all the gaps, we always get the smallest skip we can each time, we know what we have to get rid of in the yard so can estimate the space after recycling the rest.

So not only is it good for the environment, it can make you a bit of extra cash. Recycling this way doesn’t really take up more of your time or effort once you have a routine going and it’s a big thumbs up for everyone involved.


5 thoughts on “Do You Really Need That Skip?!

  1. Awesome post. Working for a big company in an Environmental role, (as well as safety and quality), waste is always an extra cos we try to reduce. By doing what you have said here (weighing in metals, giving the wood away or to employees for wood burners or DIY projects etc) we have managed to reduce our cost’s dramatically and reduce the amount sent to landfill by 80%. There are savings to be made. There is very little that cant be recycled or sold on these days, there really does seem to be an outlet for everything.
    Good to see posts showing the other sides of the glazing industry.

  2. Listers operate a free to use recycling programme at our premises to our customers. We operate a series of skips and have employed a waste management foreman to help our customers separate their waste into the right skips. It’s been a labour of love but like you, we wanted to do what we could to help educate our customers and encourage them to recycle. We’ve so far (as of November last year) diverted over 650 tonnes from landfill which isn’t a bad effort.

    It’s hard work but we’re delighted that our customers are really buying into the benefits of recycling now and we’re more than happy to continue supporting their efforts FOC.

  3. That’s fantastic! Well done. It’s so easy to just dump it all into one skip so any encouragement from people like yourselves is great, especially when I know it’s probably easer for you of you didn’t! Feels good to take a bit of responsibility and educate others that don’t know what to do though 🙂

    Thank you for your comment 🙂

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