Double Glazing Salesman Punches Customer in the Face!

Girl in Glazing BlogI came across this story in the Mail and as shocking as it is that someone would actually do this and I’m sure it’s not the first time it has happened. To feel like your time has been wasted because the customer had requested other quotes is crazy! No one should just go with the first company to come along

, and in this case it’s a good job this guy didn’t come first cause goodness knows what would have happened if they had been tied into a contract with this man. Here’s the story from earlier this month

A double glazing salesman launched a violent assault on a customer moments after discovering they had spoken to a rival company, a court was told yesterday. Carl Birkenshaw, 42, allegedly threw a series of punches at George Dixon after accusing him and his wife of wasting his time during a meeting at the couple’s home. He erupted with rage when Mr Dixon informed him that they had already sought a quote from another firm for new windows to be fitted into their luxury conservatory. Attacking his rival’s reputation and quality of work he went on to criticise the Dixons for calling him out to their home and repeatedly refused to leave, the court heard. When Mr Dixon tried to usher him towards the front door Birkenshaw grabbed him by the throat and swung two punches at him, Bedlington magistrates court was told. Mr Dixon retaliated and punched Birkenshaw on the chin, knocking him back on to the settee. Read More

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