Seen It All Before But Some Days Are Still Shocking!

facepalmAfter seeing numerous jobs installed by utter cowboy builders, you’d think I’d stop being shocked at the mess some jobs are left in, but no!

We saw a job recently which was a complete mess. A builder had said they would fit a conservatory along with other work he was doing in a lady’s house! For us this is a big ‘no no’ as we believe you are an expert at one thing.We could probably chuck a kitchen together but we never would, that’s for the experts to do. Anyway it turns out this guy is an expert in absolutely nothing! Not only did he do a shocking and dangerous job of the conservatory but the house was a mess too. There was water running under the floors, faulty electrics and so on.

So on inspecting the conservatory it was apparent that the whole thing was measured wrong. The roof was considerably smaller and the whole conservatory leaned outwards. The doors didn’t open properly and the windows had started jamming. This conservatory was in appalling condition and unsafe at that. The builder is now nowhere to be seen! Changed names again apparently, and he refuses to come back to rectify the problems, he has just left the customer with this mess.

I can’t possibly imagine what the customer is feeling! We were fuming when we left, so angry that someone could do that and knowing that there was never going to be any justice. The customer had tried and was getting nowhere. They have lost all the money and are having to pay out again. It’s absolutely disgusting.

There are so many cases like this and we see a fair few, but they do seem to be one of two things!
One: They have either just gone with the lowest possible price (You get what you pay for) or
Two: A builder has done the work!

I know there are plenty of builders that are perfectly capable, but going on what I’ve seen, lets say the last ten messed up jobs, seven were builders! Some went back, some didn’t. As for really cheap quotes I’d say that none were good jobs, poor products and installation.

So what advice do you give people!? As angry as cases like this make us, we can’t help thinking ‘you did get a builder to do it instead of a professional glazing installer‘ what did they expect!? But then no one should ever do that to someone’s property! In the case of the lady who got the cheapest quote (really cheap) then got a bodged up job that we were called to fix; it made us angry again that someone would do that but we were still thinking ‘you get what you pay for‘ what did you expect!?

We think like this because we know! We are in the industry and know how it works. There are so many people out there that don’t! and why would they? They only have anything to do with glazing when they want it. I just can’t understand why people would hand over such large amounts of money without doing research! I won’t buy anything without finding out its real worth first, I think it’s because I am in business so I have a better idea and I am familiar with scams.

There are programs on TV and stories on-line, you’d think more people would be aware! But we all know this will never end, I just wish the ones that did get caught got proper punishments for what they had done.

2 thoughts on “Seen It All Before But Some Days Are Still Shocking!

  1. Oi Cheeky! As an ex builder I wouldn’t have trusted 75% of window fitters to put a window in any of the houses or renovations that I’ve done, but then that’s another sweeping generalisation…….
    Cheap builders may be all you can afford, but be prepared for them to cut the corners off a circle while they’re doing it and the typical window company scares me…. Sorry. Certainly the experts at insufficient lead depth flashings that’s for sure!
    A certain locally well known “window company” who is a conservatory outlet supplier amongst others regularly uses below minimum wage self employed labour to build conservatories and fit windows before a certified boss signs the job off. This poor old ex builder here fixed 3 of their conservatories and a Guardian roof last month, I’m thinking of sending them a Christmas card this year. Then you have the one man band chancers fitting windows, hence the need for insurance backed guarantees for when they go bust next month (again) or the national companies fitting 6 windows in a day and trimming over the mess underneath…
    I don’t know the answer, I wish I did. But i do know for sure my pile of muck is bigger than yours if you want to throw some.. 😉

    • I want to throw some! lol. If you have read my other posts you will know that I will be the first one to tell you that there are a ridiculous amount of cowboy window fitters out there! But equally every single job, and I mean every single one, that has been done by a builder that I have seen has been crap! Total crap. They know how to fit a window but they don’t know the in’s and out’s when it comes to fenestration. Maybe they are just not very good where I live but I’m pretty sure others will agree with me and people will tell you their terrible stories. Both builders and windows fitters have a bad rep for shoddy workmanship and I have spoken about them both now, I know there are good fitters on both sides, but I still stand by what I said, If you want your windows done, get a professional highly recommended fitter, if you want a builder, do the same the other way round. We are also the rescuers like you, we go round fixing other peoples tragic mess, it’s so sad to see what people have been through and what they have lost. Those people who can’t afford it and get someone cheap always end up paying in the end.

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