Offers and Triple Glazing!

freeOne of our recent orders got me thinking about offers! Now we as a business don’t do offers and I will explain why later but a customer asked if we could throw in triple glazing on this order and we said no! here’s why…

The order was for a house full of windows and doors, they were to be installed on a lovely house and it is a job anyone would want, so we quoted the same way as we always do which is always at a reasonable fair honest price. After going through lots of options with them they decided that they would go ahead if we threw in triple glazing for free! Leigh came to me with their request and I immediately said no, we had quoted a good price for quality products and installation not to mention after care ect, if we threw in the triple glazing for free it just wouldn’t be worth it for us. So we discussed it a bit but decided to politely say no, we didn’t really want to lose the job but I had a feeling that we were not going to anyway, these people knew we were good honest people and I think they knew really that people who offer ”free stuff” quote high to start with and we are not one of those. So we said no and they went ahead anyway! So we have the job regardless which makes us happy, we didn’t need to do an offer, they choose us because they liked our business.

Now the reason we don’t do offers is because we always just give a good honest quote to start, there is not really any wiggle room, we promote ourselves as being honest and that’s exactly what we are, we give honest advice, we don’t try to trick people into buying things they don’t really need! You’d be surprised at how many appointments we go to and the customer tells us that someone has just been and told them they need all new this and that! So when we give them our honest opinion and advice they trust us straight away, then they get our reasonable quote promptly and they know they have found the right business. In our opinion that’s all we need, it’s gets us most of the jobs we are asked to do and the ones we don’t get are usually cause they have gone with someone cheaper for a very cheap product we refuse to use. We have a repairs side to the business and we have actually been back to a few customers houses who didn’t choose us and now have problems! Even our next door neighbour that chose someone else and we have since been to fix their new door! To be fair it was his son that chose the different company but still we are happy to help.

I seem to have gone off course here but I just want to carry on as something else has sprung to mind… We had a lady call us to sort her conservatory cause some cowboy had bodged it right up, it really was quite shocking and there wasn’t much we could do as the whole fit was wrong, it needed re doing but she didn’t want to pay for that, after hearing her story it was apparent that she went for the cheapest quote possible without doing any research, she was taking this guy to court ect, we felt sorry for her because we know how horrible it can be, he had also messed up her bathroom and kitchen! But we also got the impression that she hadn’t really learnt from it, still trying to get the cheapest of everything not considering quality ect, I’m guessing that maybe she didn’t have the funds to do the whole job to start or maybe she just didn’t understand that the price of the quote may have effected the quality of work!

Anyway I have gone into low quotes and bad quality when what I was actually going to talk about is high quotes with the intention of saying ”I’ll chuck in a free windows if you sign up today” or ”I’ll knock off £600” these ‘offers’ which some companies promote!

This is just my own opinion but if someone quotes me for my house of windows then said he would do all the triple glazing for free, I would just wonder how much I’d been over quoted to start if he can do that! Or that advert on the tv where they offer two windows for the price of one! I know they are not giving me windows for free! They will just add it to the quote to make it look like an offer! It doesn’t make me feel like I can trust those people! So what is a good offer? I don’t actually know! I understand that it is done in a way of marketing for the bigger companies but I do wonder who still falls for it!

With the possibility that triple glazing may be more popular in the next couple of years, I’d expect to see a lot more of the offers flying around! That’s not to say some aren’t more genuine but the only way we are offering something for free is if our supplier gives us something for free! Saying that our time is probably the one thing we do give for free sometimes and little bits and bobs like new window handles ect, the extra’s that people need sometimes but I think our customer love that, we are not out for every penny we can get no matter what it takes.

You can’t blame customers for trying, it must be so confusing as lots of double glazing businesses are run in different ways and they will never really be able to tell what’s what. Sometimes a customer will say ”but the other person quoted less” and we think yes but they quoted for a cheaper product and you haven’t realised! or they will say ”well actually you are the more expensive quote but we want to go with you” Good, a customer that has done their research and knows what’s best.

So I don’t see the point in beating round the bush, our quote is our quote and that is that, it’s gets us the best work and we are happy.

Do you do offers? What do you think when a company chucks in an offer (regarding anything not just windows)?

4 thoughts on “Offers and Triple Glazing!

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Good read and you make some valid points, but, and you probably guessed there was a ‘but’ coming, I can’t help feeling that you missed an opportunity there.
    If I was in the situation where I could potentially lose a good job because the customer wanted triple as opposed to double glazing, I would have opened up another line of negotiation. Our raison d’etre is not to squeeze as much as possible from our potential customers but to ensure that a fair and equitable price is agreed and the customer comes away from it all with a smile on their face.
    You could easily have offered to triple glaze the whole house for an additional fee but absorb some of the increase yourselves. As we all know, the glazing is only a small part of the overall profit margin and cost of any job. You could have put another £200-£300 on (for example – I don’t know sizes or actual costs) and made your customer the happiest bunny in the South West!
    Overall I agree with the sentiment of your post and if you are the sort that does fall for the “I say buy one and get one free, I say buy one and get one free”, I believe that you’re not quite getting the deal you think you’re getting.
    Thanks for the post and keep it up, or, as our friends across the pond are wont to say, ‘You go girl’.

    • Hiya Dean,

      We had already done a really good deal with them when discussing which windows they were having ect, the deal part had already been done, it was at the end they tried for the triple glazing, I think they knew really we couldn’t do it but were just trying cause of all these offers on tv at the moment, that’s the difference though! Big companies that had already massively overpriced then us that have already done a lot to make sure the customer is happy.
      The customer is happy regardless, you will see why when we have finished the job! they got a great price for top quality products 🙂
      If in another case someone had asked for a free upgrade of some sort of deal we probably would have done what you suggested, but we had already gone through lots of options before hand and given our best price for a house full of awesome windows and doors 😉
      Excited about this job and will blog about it when it’s done!
      Thanks for your comment.

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