What’s with all the Awards!?


Now I have nothing against awards at all, it can be good for moral and a bit of friendly competition can’t do any harm! But can it get too much? And is it accurate and fair? This is quite a complicated question with so many scenarios so I will try make it as simple as I can, there is no right answer here but just me saying what I think.

I am referring to the glazing industry mainly here as that is where I see it the most! Although seeing other awards has got me thinking too! I will start with the non glazing example!

I make novelty cakes on the side when I have time so I have gotten to know that industry a bit, they also have awards! I found one that was in a wedding magazine for best wedding cake and a local lady won it, I looked at the site to see what her competition was like and they were all quite similar. It got me thinking that if more people were in it the outcome may have been different! You have to be in it to win it after all, but how do people know about it? Where was it advertised? It was a very good cake but not actually necessarily the best if everyone who made wedding cakes had entered! We trust in what we see a lot, if you see something that looks professional and tells you that something is the best you believe it! Or you do until you get a bit wiser! Like adverts on the TV, most of us know it’s a load of rubbish! That shampoo is not going to give you twice as much hair!

So my first point here is you have to be in it to win it! So advertising and making sure the area of your awards know about it is important.

Over the past year on twitter I have seen many twitter awards! Best twitter account, most popular blah blah blah. I have come to realise that some people are more desperate that others to be popular, so much so that they don’t fully understand how it all works! For instants if you have 3000 followers and tweets all day it does in fact not make your account more effective, you could have 1000 and tweets a couple of times a day and be more effective! How do you really know how many of your followers are reading your stuff! You can tell by looking at how many people click on your links ECT, how many people interact with you and RT you tweets. You’d expect someone with thousands of followers to get at least 100 RT’s a day or interactions! But I rarely think this is the case unless you are famous. So the twitter awards that I see are based on followers not what the persons reach is! To me this makes it a load of rubbish, completely inaccurate and meaningless! An account did one once and when I asked them how it was all worked out ect they couldn’t answer me! The last one actually had one of my other accounts on it which tweets much less and has less followers, nice to be on it but still can’t figure out how they came up with their list! It kind of looks like to me that they based it on people they followed only or something like that! Hardly accurate, if you want to do an award for best industry tweeters then at least make sure you have everyone in it!! It alright for a bit of fun but I think it’s taken a bit too seriously and I know it annoys many people in the industry on twitter.

There have been quite a few of these awards none of them of which really meant anything and this kind of leads me to my second point! Having these sorts of awards tricks people into believing things that are not true! It seems that these days anyone can just set up an award for something! This takes credibility away from the real ones.

The G Awards! Now this to me seems like a legit highly thought of awards! I only really see negative remarks from bad losers and people who didn’t get nominated! It’s high-profile and fairly done, it’s one of those awards where you have to be in it to win it but they have enough publicity for it to be fair! A bit like the Fitshow, not an award but something that the whole industry knows about whether you want to go or not. So this to me is a good award giving everyone a fair chance. I was actually nominated for it this year, I didn’t win but it shows that someone as small as me stood a chance. This is not an award based on who the organisers like best.

My third point being having something professionally arranged gives it more credit, being able to prove that it is fair is necessary.

Now the latest one was the National Fenestration Awards, this award was thought up by someone on twitter, a salesman for his dad’s business who likes to blog a lot. He realised that unlike the other twitter awards there wasn’t really anything properly organised where the public could vote for who they thought should win an award! So he put out there that this was his plan! Now we kind of fell out about this over an argument on twitter involving a few others, I asked a few questions like where was the authority behind this? And how was it going to be National? As he had put into the title! I couldn’t really understand how it was going to work. I made a comment that I could bet who was going to win which didn’t go down very well but in all fairness now the result are out I wasn’t wrong to say it. I was asking questions as he would if it was the other way around, it seem he didn’t like it when it was done to him and it went sour. But months later I can see that he has put a lot of time and effort into this and has a few people on board.
So the results came out and as expected I was the same names that appear on twitter a lot which makes me wonder if this was mainly based on twitter again! As someone pointed out there are not many outlets for promoting this, magazines word of mouth and twitter! And that brings me to my original point all those months ago! ‘National’ seems like a big word for the awards, I wonder if I rang say 30 glazing people over the nation, how many would know about the awards?? It has been pointed out to me that this was just their first year so maybe next year more people may know about it which is absolutely true but only if a lot more money is going to go into it advertising and promoting! It is a good idea if it works I just think they may have lost some support by one promoting it originally by slating the G Awards, I feel it’s unprofessional, and also by not being able to take what they put out when being questioned.
It would be interesting to see some numbers to see how it went, see how many twitter peeps compared with others voted and how many votes compared to the entire National glazing industry there were?

So my fourth point is being prepared and professional is the only way forward or you may just end up with the same old people supporting your project with the same old outcome every time.

I’d like to point out that I in no way think that the winners of any of these awards did not deserve to win, I congratulate them all, but this now not the point I am trying to make, It is not personal. This is also not targeted at the glazing industry either, this happens everywhere! I just see it more there as I am in it.

I may sound like some crazy award hater right now but I am just one of the ones who thinks things through, I am very logical and I like things fair, I also don’t like competition when it gets as silly as it does on twitter! I have been in a few of the awards over the past year and I can honestly say I didn’t care, I don’t need anyone to tell me I am good, I know a load of really nice industry twitter people in and out of twitter that I enjoy being with, the down to earth real ones that are not hunting to some praise all the time, the less competitive ones, This is what it was all about a couple of years ago, everyone was nice and friendly, there was a nice twitter community that encouraged and helped each other but it doesn’t seem like that anymore, there is so much competition and snide remarks, every other tweet I see is someone moaning about someone else or slagging someone’s tweet off cause they don’t have the same opinion as them! It’s really sad to see.

Anyway let’s all hold hands and get back to what’s important, making the industry look good.

13 thoughts on “What’s with all the Awards!?

  1. I hate seeing spam on my timeline and “Vote for me” stuff coming at me through every social media account. The real winners are the ones who keep their dignity whether they “win or lose” an award…pfft. I read something on facebook that said “The sign of a good relationship is that it isnt all over facebook” and i think thats the same with this stuff. If you need to beg borrow and steal votes then your insecurities make me wonder if you are in the business for the right reason? Is it to win awards? Classic example, is Arron Clegg, he won masterfitter and did so because he is genuinely a thorough and caring fitter. The guy knows his stuff and wanted to show people how he believes it should be done. And i know for a fact the way he worked that day at Fit is how he works on every single job, whether its fitting a small fixed light or doing a whole refit. The guy is genuine. But he hasnt shouted it from the rooftops, he has just got on with it, because he wants to work for the right reasons.
    I feel the awards start getting too much. I am not a fan of awards in general as they dont include everyone. Only those known by others. Then it can come down to popularity. And the slating of other awards is just wrong and turned me off totally. Imagine BAFTA saying “pfft the Oscars are rubbish, we are better cos we iz real innit”

    Urgh, it used to be so nice on there, now its crap. I stay away from industry, although i talk to people within it, its never about the industry, because its dull.

    great post.

  2. Thanks for your comment Mark, I know many feel the same way but cannot voice their opinions due to their accounts being business, but I do get feedback on this quite a bit, there are definitely more that dis-like the attitude that some people have on Twitter, more than actually join in, but they just get on with their day professionally. It is very cringe-worthy when you see the ones that beg, they don’t tend to win either so all they have done is make themselves look silly!

    Anyway Awards are not all bad when they are done properly, they can be very motivating and rewarding. Great for businesses and their employees.

  3. I left the window industry several years ago now and retired. I am still interested in the sector as it was good for me and keep a close eye. Things have changed a lot from when i set up in business in the 1970’s. Here is my tuppence worth

    The fenestration awards you refer to are a new project and time will tell. I wish it well. Setting anything up is hard enough as those of us in business will now all too well.

    My own personal view is that whilst the the sentiment behind it is excellent it is glaringly obvious there is no “Team” behind it and the work of one person, double glazing blogger or maybe a couple more. It just looks amateurish on first impressions and we all know how much first impressions count in business. One person has proved with many successful businesses that it can grow to something big, Branson, Sugar, Lewis, etc.

    The G awards have the benefit of loads of money behind them. I know this as I know the organisers. The Fenestration awards have yet to reach this level but you don’t need to BE big to APPEAR big and this is why I cant find myself engaging with these awards like I did with G for years and attended. They don’t seem to have done any housekeeping.

    Their website is so basic! It looks bad, has spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistencies, numerous broken links, conflicting logos, colours and fonts, immensely difficult user engagement, functionality issues with it etc. The last comment was nearly a year ago which would signify that people are not visiting the website or are finding little plausible reason to get involved with it. then again the G awards site whilst better in its visual appeal also had nobody commenting on it.

    I don’t want to appear too critical as clearly someone has put work in and behind the scenes. That said, it is nothing like the polished effort of the G awards and to anyone with an expert eye, it shows I’m afraid. It is amateur stuff at this moment in time. They need to polish up their act if it is to be credible. To do this it needs an experienced Events and marketing team behind it that is experienced in all aspects of putting together such a project to compete with the G awards and right now i don’t believe they have this?

    With regard to your comments on twitter engagement I have to agree.

    Followers are just a number. There is ample software available that analysis your twitter engagement followers and so forth. If you really believe twitter will generate any interest in your business it has to be used correctly. (I’m not an expert – my daughter is and works for them)

    Im told that looking at the @mentions of the Fenestration awards they are clearly lacking user engagement but equally and comparably, there is no substantial engagement with the Gawards account either. At least Fenestration Awards are active on twitter throughout the year and the G awards are not which is a mistake on their part. In simple terms, they are not using twitter as the founders intended (I’m told).

    You may think as you say you have several thousand followers or many more, but such software will quickly tell you who has not tweeted in months, joined twitter, followed you and never engaged and such statistics.

    Unless you have a clear understanding who your active engagers are, twitter followers are meaningless. To say I have 10000 followers therefore I must be popular is being unrealistic.

    Awards do bring recognition but in order for them to have any meaning or real perception of value they need to bring people on board. Even if they don’t take part they should be something that bring people together.

  4. I will try and offer a fair and measured response to this one Sarah.

    I am now involved in the National Fenestration Awards mainly because I think this is a very good idea not just for the fenestration industry but also across multiple industries.

    Awards in general are a good thing, but they are always open to suggestions of unfairness and bias no matter who or what happens and what industry or media they are promoted from.

    Ofc comparing G-Awards to the Nation Fenestration Awards imo is very unfair, the G Awards are years old very established and run and supported by press who have been around for a very long time, this is a very popular and successful event and a lot of hard work goes into this and time and money.

    That aside there are people who love it and people who hate it and say it is bias and same ole same ole just like many other awards up and down the country.

    When I got involved with this I believe there is a market for more awards, I mean if anyone thinks recognition in any form is bad then for me they are clinically insane, be it a pat on the back or a well done for all your hard work we all like to be told well done every now and again. There should be more praise and less Fighting within any line of work.

    I think its a little unfair to say that only twitter decides the results and popularity wins, several companies promoted this last year and plenty have pledged to again this year, twitter is a driver in this but not that alone. Yourself and a few others made the final shortlists on the NFA’s without making too much of a fuss about it and a couple of those actually won with a fair amount of votes too.

    The NFA’s and the twitter rankings are very new and obv new schemes will not move into poll position in such a short time but new ideas are surely to be welcomed other wise will the whole industry not become stale? who will provide the competition to push up the standards? do we stop making new products in all industries because what we have already is good? that doesn’t happen.

    A lot of hard work will go in to the NFA’s just like it does with my other venture and although some will knock it that’s just life.

    Although I do not know the guys who run the twitter top 20 accounts in glazing I myself ran a very similar ranking system which returns very similar results a good few months ago, this was based on several factors including folllowers, interaction, reputation reach and ratios, infact I am sure you can do this via a app and get the similar results.

    I am sure many people do very well on social media with smaller following and great interaction and hats of to them the problem with smaller followings is the reach isn’t as large, that ofc is fine if you have a very small niche market, but obv larger following will demand higher response.

    I would like to finish by saying I have always and will always support any awards in any trades I work in, I also have a huge amount of respect for people who use social media well to generate business, brand build and or stimulate the market, I am sure some do not always use it perfectly but eyyyyy.

    I hope that your previous fall out with GlazingBlogger doesn’t cloud your judgement too much on these as I am sure you can play a good part in raising the profile of this as you do other things, people will not always agree on everything but that’s the beauty of media, opinions will cause debate and fall outs but most of the time people get together and work it out.

    On a final note I was delighted to see several of my clients in the G-Awards finals as well as the NFA’s ( before I got involved)

    I for one enjoy the recognition of anyone telling me well done I just hope that isn’t lost in todays society of brashness because I fear complements are becoming things of the past and insults are taking over :=(

    Ps/ Sorry for the long response :=)

    • Hey Lee,

      Firstly congrats on getting involved. I am not really into industry related stuff but I keep an eye open.

      Just wanted to pull you up something, you mentioned it being unfair to compare NFA with the G awards, but if you can remember, when the NFA started, they were comparing themselves to the “dinosaur” awards that were G. Saying how it was the same old people every year and that it was back slappers etc etc.
      Now you can say its unfair to be compared to them, but that is what the NFA did themselves. They also weren’t very favourable towards the FIT show, until they realised how popular it was coming and they did an about turn to try and get some promotion from it.
      The NFA are basically a twitter award, from an outsider looking in. The names in the nominees were either Big well known accounts or twitter people, as it was mainly promoted there. So poor Mr Bloggs down the road who is busy fitting and grafting doesnt get recognition due to not being a Twitter user. So again, that is something that needs to be addressed. Maybe that is where you come in with your contacts and reach etc.
      So awards, when done correctly, are good things. But in my personal opinion, and that is all that any of this is, i felt that the awards were done as a kind of retaliation to the Fit show who were taking a lot of attention away from others at the time they were rolled out. Also, it seemed to drag on a long time from announcement of the awards to actually getting the winners.

      One last thing, and I am afraid i will be making a comparison with the G awards here. If i asked the G awards what they industry and sectors would be included, I am sure i would get an answer. When i asked the NFA i was not given an answer, and then i was SHOUTED OUT. So i wont apologise for having a poor view of the awards, as there seemed little to no planning involved before it started, it does look amatuerish at the moment and its been over a year, little interaction, little publicity and i cant help but wonder if it wasnt ran and co founded by DGB, would he have already slated it himself on his blog, like he has done to so many other companies and ventures in the past?

      Again, i hope you make a go of it, Lee. You are a top, top man and i only ever wish you well. Congrats on the little fella and many happy returns for your Birthday.



  5. Only just read your response Alex, Very valid comments and your right The organisers of the G-Awards do back it not just with money but also vast amounts of effort and its a great award scheme.

    The NFA’s are indeed new and will need work although the basics in place have indeed stimulated a huge interest. We already have bigger plans this year which will be announced shortly.

    The first year I watched from afar after not being involved, I saw potential and great work ethic from glazingblogger and the first year was kind of a tester on his part.

    The guy worked very hard last year and I am sure, me included will now work even harder to move this onto the next level.

    We might not have 30 years in the industry yet which ofc only time will level that but what we lack in time served and long established contacts we will make up for in hard work, enthusiasm and innovation.

    It is always great to get feedback good or bad and we are looking at ways to engage the industry on how things can improve.

    Any feedback you can offer now or in the future is more than appreciated.

  6. Thank you for your comments, I will reply to them in full over the weekend. I will just say for now that I am not comparing the two in any way, the only reason they are linked is because DGB used the G Awards to promote the NFA’s and he did it by trying to discredit them, this is the main reason I did not support them from the start along side many other factors along the way which I will go into if I can over the weekend. Yes I was shortlisted in the NFA’s but I did nothing about it I’m afraid, I was not interested due to the way it was run to start. I am sure you will have positive input into the awards Lee.

  7. Cheers Sarah, I think it was born out of frustration rightly or wrongly from original founders, I am sure you know my views on being derogatory to anyone it is just a big no no for me but out of frustration ideas grow.

    What it will grow into is something that should and hopefully will be embraced, I am sure I will be able to fill you in on future plans soon. I think many have said about the same old winners etc and the same will happen with NFA’s it is the same in all sectors work or entertainment where there is awards there is scepticism on fairness it goes with the territory.

    I always liked the G Awards and still do, I do however believe big chunks of the industry behind the scenes go unrecognised, hopefully these sort of awards will help cater for something outside of the norm ie/ still recognise the high end owners and directors but equally show the rewards for internal staff who work damn hard behind the scenes.

    Some people will always think bias wins awards, hell many have said the Master Fitter was won because of this but I am one of a very few who spent time with judges of the event and I can tell you now nothing could be further from the truth!!!

    This however doesn’t stop whispers as It will not with G-Awards or NFA’s or future Master fitters.

    We have made a few media partners this year and it would be nice to get popular blogs like yours involved too.

  8. Thanks for the comments Mark,

    once again I will make no bones, several people on twitter including the two original founders were very vocal on the fact they did not agree with the current awards, that was eventually acted on originally out of frustration.

    Being open and honest I was asked to be involved in the early days and a couple of things kept me away, firstly my other venture was taking up too much time to be involved effectively with smaller amounts of staff and secondly I did not like the negativity, I aim to build on positives and one of my big aims is to help the industries I work in grow in both productivity and reputation.

    Now for all the grief GlazingBlogger gets ( he is like Marmite some really like him some hate him) he really wants to do something to help raise the profile of the industry.

    When Nick decided to step away I was approached again and after many weeks of talking I decided to get involved. The guy works very hard and is full of enthusiasm which at times needs to be directed into positive light I am sure most young and hungry people have these traits. ( not sure I agree re him on your FIt Show comments though I have not seen him pulling that in any way shape or form?)

    As for the Sectors, I think and I will have to defend the guys who founded this, this was still not fully decided when you had these debates so any information they gave may have changed or been incorrect, now they have done the first year its very clear which sectors are involved and we will be canvassing very early to seek views on what might be included for the following year ( industry opinion )

    We can debate about G-Awards must or must not be compared to the NFA’s the simple fact is the NFA’s is in its infancy and the G-Awards is established of many years. Add to that the nominations and final winners are done in a very different way.

    Tbh I hope both run for many years and both raise the reputation of the industry and both end in events/presentations that produce great events and nights for the industry.

  9. Alex you made a good few points there that I missed, You are right the website needs working on and I don’t think there is the team that was being made out but I think that is changing now anyway. I also don’t think it gets quite as much traffic as is made out ( there are ways to find out these things ) but still I’m sure things will get better now Lee is on board, he should turn it around.

    I agree that the Gawards didn’t use Twitter much but then they didn’t really need too! I think maybe this was my point with the Fenestration Awards! If they were not on Twitter would they get any interaction at all! They are meant to be National!! Not just Twitter based apparently.

    Anyway time will tell, as you stated you can tell how popular it really is by seeing it’s interaction on site and on twitter, and seeing if it’s the same people or if they differ.

    Thank for your comments 🙂

  10. Lee you may not have seen it but the Fit Show was being mocked at the start, some will remember! So you add all that negativity towards others together on their projects and you can see why the Fenestration Awards was shunned. But that’s in the past now and although I do still see snide remarks I’d hope that things will get more professional.

    I do not compare the G Awards or any other to the National Fenestration Awards, I think they have far to go before anyone can see them as being on par! I was simply talking about different awards in my post, it is interesting how people perceived it though, I am clearly not the only one thinking this way.

    I think you know my issue is not over a fall out! It’s about people being honest and promoting their projects with pride and dignity, and absolutely never by stomping on other peoples achievements, mocking others publicly and generally being very unprofessional. We all have different ways in business and that’s just mine I’m afraid.

    Thanks for your posts, all the best Lee. 🙂

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