We are in the finals for Training & Development Initiative of the Year at the G Awards

Exe Windows Doors and Conservatories through to G Awards Finals After being put in for Training and Development Initiative at the G Awards a couple of months ago, I didn’t really think much of it, why would anyone be interested in what I do! There are big companies out there with hundreds of employees, we are small but do everything ourselves! Then it got me thinking, well why not? one person in a big company only does the same amount as us! Our business has developed and we have shown a lot of initiative and we are both in training! So being in the finals is nice for us although a little overwhelming.

We started our business from scratch, just me and my partner Leigh, there was a lot of late nights, design work, websites, vans,  business plans ect, we wanted this to last so have put a lot of effort in. After it had settled and we had been going a year I starting an apprenticeship with The Fenestration College, this wasn’t something I had thought about before, Andy had been down to talk through Leigh’s NVQ in Installation and I jokingly said I wanted to do it! I like hands on stuff and wanted to be as involved as I could with the business, Leigh has been doing this for years and could do it with his eyes shut (he doesn’t) so I have a lot of catching up to do. I was writing blogs and writing content for our sites and knew if I learnt every aspect of the business from office to actually being out there fitting I could be much more productive! Our business is still small but one day we will move on and when we do I will know what I am talking about when it comes to the industry, we are still talking about where to take the business but when we do I will be prepared. So I started my apprenticeship and I am loving it.

When I started to blog on Girl in Glazing it wasn’t really meant for everyone else, it was more a resource for me, somewhere to keep all the things I learn and can go back to that is all in one place. There is a lot of resources on the web but for newbies like me all the jargon can make it confusing and take a lot of time, so my aim with Girl in Glazing really is to help others in training like me, people who maybe don’t know the industry too well yet that just need to learn some basics, as I learn I write-up posts in a more simplified way which is easy to navigate. This doesn’t just apply to newbies, I have a lot of compliments from others in the industry about the blog, there are different sections such as news and advice for anyone to see.

My initiative for doing this and my want to train and better our business and learn about the industry is what has got me into the finals, It is nice to see that some people like what I do and I hope it helps people in the future 🙂

So to everyone else that has got through to the finals, well done and see you there.


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