My Apprenticeship – Technical Questions

Royalty-Free Stock Imagery by RubberballI have just finished my technical questions for my fenestration apprenticeship, it took a little while as I did it in sections ( there is 5 ) the sections were:

  • Know how to install glass supporting frames
  • Understanding health and safety in the glass or glass related industry
  • Know how to contribute to the effectiveness of the glass related organisation
  • Know how to accept delivery of, handle, position and store glass related products and materials
  • Know how to carry out quality checks of glass related products and materials

Here are a couple of sites that may help with the questions and training:

HSE – Health and Safety Executive –

Quals – ePortfolio –

You will need a copy of the Industry code of practice, you can get this from the GGF website (Glass and Glazing Federation) 

The questions seem a little repetitive at times, it seems like the same question just written differently! Also some questions sound really simple! They are not trying to trick you, some of them just really are that simple. So don’t think into it too much, just answer them as it sounds.

This is the main written part of my course finished so just more window and door assessments to be done. If you would like to see my first door assessment see here.

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