My Apprenticeship – First Assessment Fitting a Door

Replacement Door - Timber for PVC-UI had my first assessment fitting a door this week and I loved it! No I’m not weird and I’m sure if I had been fitting doors for ten years I wouldn’t have been so excited, but I was excited! I am a hands on person and always have been, I was always doing boy stuff when I was younger but since having children I have become a bit girly! So getting out and fitting a door was great for me.

My assessor Dean stood back and let me get on with the job, I had Leigh guiding me along the way and helping with the heavy stuff (my lack of strength annoys me) but to be fair I know some guys who wouldn’t be able to handle it! Strength comes with experience after doing such a physical job for so long. It was only really a stubborn chunk of timber I had trouble with as I am not allowed to use all power tools yet! and he helped me lift the door into place.

Here are some pictures of the day

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