CE Marking, What Does it Mean For You?

New CE Marking LawFrom the 1st July 2013 all construction products covered by a harmonised European Standard (hEN) will need to have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) made and be CE marked in accordance with the requirements of the hEN covering that product when placed on the market. The Declaration of Performance is a legal document, it will be policed by Trading Standards and any person making a false or incorrect declaration, may be subject to prosecution, which may result in fines or even imprisonment in the most extreme cases.

So what does that mean for us?

As a Manufacturer:  If you manufacture glass, process glass (e.g. toughen), manufacture IGU’s, manufacture fully glazed windows – you have to make a declaration of performance and CE mark your products to show they comply with the relevant standards. If you sell unglazed frames you do not need to do this, however the person who does put the IGU into the frame will have too.

As the Installer: If you buy your products whole (glazed frames) you do not have to make the declaration or CE Mark it as it will have already have been done by the manufacturer (see above) However, If you buy the frame and UGU separately, you are then responsible for doing this.

So if you are responsible for the declaration and CE Marking there is some paperwork to fill in and tests on the products, the GGF have produced a series are flow charts for fenestration products to work from but they urge for the work involved to be carried out sooner than later as it could take some time depending on how much preparation you have made so far.

The CE Mark does not actually have to be visible on the product but proof of declaration must be at hand and given on request. This will have supporting test evidence on it.

For help and advice on this subject visit The Glass and Glazing Federation.

So has this made any installers think twice about the way they buy their products??? Comment below with your thoughts.

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