The Fit Show 2014 Now Live! Everyone’s Going Again!

The Fit Show 2014After the huge success of the Fit Show this year, it was inevitable that we would be seeing at again next year. Well the site is now live and details are on show. Many people have already booked stands, some of which before they had even left Telford International Centre this year!

They have had some reviews and 92% thought the venue was good/excellent and 87% thought that the show itself was very good/excellent. 5810 people visited the show over three days with 170 exhibitors.

I have heard that a few of the more popular hotels are already booked up for those dates already so if you are planning on going I’d get your bookings in now just in case! Especially if you have large groups.

The dates for the show will be from the 10th-12th June, again a three-day event.

You can see by the floor plan already, there are not many spaces left.

Fit Show Floor Plan 2014

Next year The Fit Show will have the Gala Dinner, Competitions and Seminars but we are told to keep an eye out for new exciting things next year!

Check out what’s going on here and remember it’s in June next year not April.

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