My Apprenticeship – Today I Met Dean

Apprenticeship Today I met Dean from the Fenestration College to finish off the last bit of paperwork and to make sure I was up to date with what I am doing. Dean was extremely helpful and cleared up any questions I had! Here is what I have in store for the next few months..

The apprenticeship is split into three different sections, some online work answering question, my NVQ and practical work and my functional skills. I will explain a bit more about them ..

The online questions are my Technical Knowledge Certificate, this comes in 5 parts

  • Understanding health and safety in the glass or glazing related industry
  • Know how to install glass supporting frames
  • Know how to contribute to the effectiveness of the glass related organisation
  • Know how to accept delivery of, handle, position and store glass related products and materials
  • Know how to carry out quality checks of glass related products and materials

Learning about COSHH, PPE, industry code of practice all come into this.

Then I have my NVQ part which is when I will out on site being assessed, I will probably be fitting a window and a door for this. I will be observed to make sure I have taken in everything I need to learn.

I will also have to complete my Functional Skills which is a maths and English test, I can do this in the office supervised by a member of the Fenestration College.

So I am very excited to get on with this, I have already completed some of the technical knowledge certificate questions and am arranging to go out on site on a more regular basis!

Leigh will also be completing an Apprenticeship in Surveying! He signed up for this on Dean’s last visit, I may do a section on my blog about this too.

I will update again next time I am out on site 🙂


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