My Answer – The Recent Changes In Planning Permission

Planning PermissionAnglian Home Improvements recently asked me if this new change would be good or bad, to be honest I can’t really answer that question! I feel it needs to be broken down into a few questions as surely it will depend on what point of view you are looking at it from! You need to know the source before collecting the information as if you are just asking tradespeople the result will be different from home owners!!!  So…

From a home owner point of view I would say yes, it is a good idea, obviously if I want an extension of some sort on my house but the current laws prevent this at the moment I am going to welcome this!

From the home owner next doors point of view, my answer may be no, as I don’t want my property value compromised or to have any light taken from my garden or any other visual effect it will have on me and my property.

From the construction side of things, the answer will be yes, more work is always going to be good, from our business side of it we obviously welcome this…. until the point that someone tries to do it next door to our house!!!!

Now if you take the people likely to say no, there will probably be less than the people saying yes which is why this will go through regardless. But giving the neighbour the chance to dispute the plans is definitely the right way to go about it, then leaving it to the council to make the final decision if unresolved.  The rule still applies that it can’t take up half of your garden so this is only going to apply to certain houses.

I don’t think this will end up being a big issue, The same thing would have happened the first time round when the existing laws were made, people moan, realise it won’t change than accept it and move on. Yes there will be a good few disputes but hopefully they will be sorted out fairly, this will put people plans back I would imagine, these disputes can go on for a long time, but the right actions are there, you can’t ask for more than that.

So my answer is still neither yes or no cause it’s not that simple, I ‘d lean towards yes more from a business point of view and being able to do what I want to my property but I’d hate to think someone could ruin things for us by building something terrible next door! As long as it’s done fairly and considerately I don’t see a problem, but you know that won’t always be in case.

The existing limit for a  detached house is 4m being extended to 8m. The existing limit for semi detached is 3m being extended to 6m,  doubling the size of extensions. Read more about the dispute here or read Parliamentary Business here

See Anglian’s Poll here  Do you think this is a good idea or bad idea?

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