Fit Show 2014 ‘Everyone’s Going Again’

The-International-Centre-Telford-1024x677We will definitely be visiting the Fit Show again. After seeing the positive response it has this year and the exceptional organisation it can only be bigger and better next time round. The exhibitors were signing up on the last date of this years event with Solidor being the first. That’s got to be the biggest sign of success.

We look forward to the next Fit Show.


Press Release for next years Fit Show

JUNE 10, 11, 12 2014. Those are the dates set by the organisers of The FIT Show for the next outing of the event that has taken the window, door and conservatory industry by storm, announced exactly two weeks before the inaugural show takes place at The International Centre, Telford. Thereafter, The FIT Show will take place every two years, a decision taken following anecdotal and quantitative research carried out during the past few months. A venue for 2016 has yet to be confirmed.

The dates have been chosen, says FIT Show co-founder Paul Godwin “to ensure we enjoy the momentum and buzz of the launch show”. Further explaining the decision-making process for the new dates he added: “In organising exhibitions such as The FIT Show it is necessary to plan far into the future to ensure we get the very best dates, whilst also taking into account other events, bank holidays, the availability of the venue and of course, financial cycles.

“We are fully aware of course that the market wants to see how well this year’s event goes, but we have to have plans in place for the future. The marketing and promotional campaign for this years FIT Show is probably the most expensive and intensive the industry has ever seen and certainly for an event. In a fortnight’s time we will know if it’s also the most successful.

“Of course we believe it will be as the industry has backed The FIT Show so solidly. We will make sure that every FIT Show that follows has the same buzz.”

This years inaugural FIT Show takes place on the 16th, 17th and 18th April, at The International Centre, Telford. For further details about visiting please go to Companies interested in exhibiting in 2014 should contact Jason Wootton Sales Director, on 07854 131050.



One thought on “Fit Show 2014 ‘Everyone’s Going Again’

  1. Well i think i will be going again. It was better than i expected and it was great to see the effort made by all the stands to make themselves appealing and the products they had on display. Not only did i personally learn a lot about current and up and coming products, but managed to meet a good few people too. Coupled with the Gala dinner, i will definitely be in attendance again next year (Will probably need to stock up on pens again by then anyway!)

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