‘We’re Going’ to the Fit Show

Fit show With just 11 days left until the Fit Show, you can feel people’s excitement about attending the show. Trades people (notice my political correctness) and manufacturers preparing and making final plans, organizing tuxedos for the Gala Dinner and putting finishing touches on their stands, this really has turned out to be a very successful event so far. The support has been huge from the start, it seems like only yesterday everyone was told that there would be such an event, it has crept up quickly on us all. We have  been kept interested and very well informed since the beginning with competitions and daily tweets, the organisation has been second  to none.

So we hear now that there will be another show next year, then every two years from then onward, this shows that it’s success so far has been more than expected. Confident planning ahead means we can all have something to look forward to in our industry, every two years in my opinion is perfect, it gives everyone and the industry to move on a couple of years then come back with something new.

It has been reported that 4,500 people have pre-registered so far. Leigh and I at Exe Windows Doors and Conservatories will be two of those many people. We hope to meet some of the many people we interact with in the industry and come back with some new inspiration, contacts and products to promote.

We are very excited about the’ Industry event of the year’ as is everyone involved and we hope to see you there. Follow @fitshow for the countdown to the show.

We have been following Nigel Grant and Arron Clegg for some time and have supported them in the master fitter competition through twitter, very excited that they both got through and can’t wait to see the results,well done and good luck guys!

Sarah Mitchell Of Exe Windows and doors at The Fit Show

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