My Apprenticeship with The Fenestration College!

zzzzzzzzzA while back Leigh signed up to do an NVQ with The Fenestration College so we had Andy Clegg come visit us to sign him up. We ended up chatting, drinking tea and eating cake for three hours! All being very enthusiastic about the industry we had lots to talk about and ended up talking about me doing an apprenticeship!!  Me a girl… it hadn’t ever really crossed my mind that it was an option, Andy jumped right on it and encouraged me to have a think about it! What was to think about really, I have a business in double glazing with my partner, it makes perfect sense to be more hands on a properly learn about everything that goes with the job!

So I think this will greatly benefit our business and I am very excited to get started.

Leigh is going to have to put up with me on site a bit ( I can see the arguments already) lol but it should be good fun too. I have been told by Andy that Defenestration is not acceptable on site!! So I will keep my cool.

The Fenestration college team is fantastic, love them all already so even more excited to start. I will be creating a page on this blog just for my Apprenticeship progress, stories and experience. So make sure you give me a follow 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Apprenticeship with The Fenestration College!

  1. Look forward to following this one, Maid. Something different and with a twist. Will be good to see your progress and the benefits its brings.
    All the best with it!

  2. “HRH Apprenticeship” sounds like a no brainer ! I know you`ll breeze it.
    Working with the other half (OH) will be a tester tho 😉 My (OH) offers to help me , BUT…………….. ! I can see trouble ahead 🙂
    Does the fact that your doing the apprenticeship mean Leigh won`t have to do a NVQ in surveying?/ (You`ll have that side covered?) I did my fitting NVQ with,(Fenestration College) but i think i will also have to do a survey NVQ !?? I`m a little confussed with it all , lol.
    Anyway your in safe hands with Andy and the FC team. They all went above and beyond , the call of duty for me ..

  3. Haha Yes Leigh has already tried to tell me that when we are out he is boss lol He is a bit confused!
    I think Leigh will still do the surveying NVQ when he has finished the other, It’s good to do whatever you can. Looking forward to this summer if it ever comes, it’s going to be a good one all round, very exciting times.

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