Number One Priority

imagesCustomer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we are very pleased with our feedback recently.

Good communication is a must, customer’s obviously don’t like to be left waiting just as we don’t. This is something that annoys me immensely so it really is something we keep on top of.

Being polite and friendly on every job is important. A few weeks ago Leigh went to a job repairing a roof, when he had completed the job the lady asked if he knew anything about washing machines and could he fix hers!!  He politely said he couldn’t but the customer must have felt she could ask. This is our aim, we want the trust of our customers and for them to know they are in safe hands.

Completing a job to perfection is what makes it all worth it, Leigh is quite a perfectionist. There really is no point in rushing and doing a shoddy job, you will have nothing to be proud of and it’s only going to come back on you in the end! I can’t understand why people do this, you hear the horror stories of some customer’s experiences and it’s just shocking but it’s always nice that we can go and fix the problems they have made and know the customer can finally be happy.

Cleaning up and making sure our customer’s are happy before leaving is important plus making sure they know they can contact us in the future if they come across any problems.

Having 100% satisfaction is great but keeping it that way will be fantastic, we are very proud of our work and it will continue for years to come.

So if we are replacing your conservatory and you happen to have a cat stuck in your tree, why not ask! You never know.

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