Twitter and the Industry – The Power of Social Media


This blog post was published in Windows Active Magazine in 2011. It turned out to be a very popular post many people could relate too! Hope it got some people onto Twitter.


I have to say that I am so pleased to have joined Twitter! I set up an account about a year ago, took one look and didn’t bother! It seemed a little complicated compared to Facebook and no one I knew was using it….

When my partner and I started our own business I thought I would give it another try, I slowly got used to it and accumulated more followers daily, I wasn’t sure who to look for but ended up following people from our industry (which is Double Glazing & Conservatories) and I have to say they are the nicest most friendly bunch, together providing a great community spirit, all helping each other on a daily basis to promote each others businesses. They talk about news in the industry, their own work, about products, blogs ect, they will also support each other when business is quiet & congratulate each other when business is good. They are also very funny which can cheer up your day when bogged down with paper work. Where else can you interact with people from the industry on a daily basis like this, and find out news and events so quickly, it really is a fantastic tool.

When you have support like this on Twitter it’s a good way to get some traffic to your site, posting links to your website or blog and anything else you would like to share is easy and very effective. I now read a number on interesting blogs I have come across on twitter. I follow many people from the industry in all lines of work, installers, suppliers ect and not one day goes by where my posts are not retweeted (shared) by my twitter friends and of course I do the same in return.

Installers exchange advice, and even provide and receive work from one another. It really is a fantastic way to promote your business to not only the public but others among you.

I also have a Facebook account with a page for our business, this is much less effective, I can’t get the reach I would like for a number of reasons; my friends & family are just not that interested in conservatories, my twitter contacts from the industry don’t use it as much, some people have pages & some people have accounts for their businesses which makes it a little confusing as you can share some people’s posts but just ‘like’ others. It would be good to see more people using it as Google do pick up Facebook easily but I think the time has been and gone and people are more likely to use Google+ now if they want the extra coverage.

Saying that I have actually done the same thing as I did with Twitter! I set up an account with Google+ then just left it, maybe I just don’t like change, maybe it is the next big thing but it seems more like Facebook than Twitter, so I highly doubt twitter will lose any of their users over it.

My main concern (and I’m hoping someone will help me with this) is that potential customers don’t necessarily look for business accounts on twitter, I can’t say that I have unless its one of my fellow tweeters! Say I was going to buy a new sofa! I wouldn’t look for DFS on twitter!! So how can we get customers to see what we are doing on twitter?? My followers will probably tell you that I tweet to advertise a lot, I hash tag locations & subjects trying to get our business noticed by customers but on the other hand it’s always better to get customers through recommendations and you can achieve this by knowing people in the industry on Twitter.

So I feel like I may have gone on a bit, one of the main reasons my followers are glad I can only tweet 140 characters at a time!!

If you are thinking about starting a Twitter account don’t hesitate, don’t be intimidated and don’t be put off by the different layout, Give it a chance and you will love the daily banter, the close family of twitter friends and all the help and advice you could need. Remember it could bring you work or help with running your business, there are so many opportunities, don’t miss out.

I will help now by starting you off with some fantastic Twitter people to follow

@markcooperglaz @BlindsInGlass

@fitshow @residence9

@GQAQuals @mytradetv

@dekkowindows @LouieAbshank 

@MarkWarren3 @ListerTF


And of course me @Sarah_ECR &  @Execonservatories

If you are unsure or need any advice then please ask

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